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Head Office: Jaganpura, Opp. Pulse Emergency Hospital, Near Patna Central School, Bypass Road, N.H.30, Patna
City : Patna  -  Bihar -  800027
1The applicant is required to read through to read thoroughly and conditions, policies and procedures, code of ethics and business opportunities of the company as given from the website named “http://www.ultragreenindia.in/”. This application/agreement form is considered as an authentic and legally binding document. This contract is between the (herein after referred to as distributor) and Ultra Green India Management Private Limited (herein after referred to as company).
2The applicant should have completed minimum 18 years of age and shall be competent to enter in to contract as provided in the ‘India Contract Act’.
3If the applicant had not completed 18 years of age “minor detail” must be filled by the parents/guardian of the applicant.
4If the applicant is Partnership firm/Private Limited Company, then the applicant has to provide all necessary documents pertaining to firm/company during the Regis membership.
5The distributors will not an agent or employee of the company. His/her position being so; he/she cannot bind the company in any authority to bind the company or to speak on behalf of the company.
6Trimming and services charges will be deducted as per company norms. TDS will be deducted as formulated by the Indian Government.
7All Individual distributors should adhere to rules and regulation formed by the organization and if any of the distributors is found guilty of not observing the same, then he/she terminated from the company.
8The company will not be responsible for any delay and in failure in performance which is beyond the control of the company through changes in Government Policies.
9The company reserves the right to change, alter, amend, add, delete, erase, any exciting term in any circumstances as per the wish and desire of company without given any explanation to the distributor.
10Distributor shall not sell any sell any Ultra Green India Product for a price exceeding the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) but may sell any Ultra Green India Product for a price lower than MRP.
11The distributor shall not compel or induce or mislead any person with any false statement/promise to join in the company as a distributor.
12The company will not be answerable for any promise, assurance given by any distributor to any person, unless it is in accordance with the approved business plan and terms. Hence the applicant shall go through the website “http://www.ultragreenindia.in/” and the brochures and notice issued by the company. He/she can have full information all the.
13The applicant/distributor shall ensure that all the information/furnished to the company is correct and properly entered. Any request for correction furnished by the distributor her sponsor or placement details will not be entertained, once payment statements are processed.
14The company reserves the right reject any distributorship/applicant at its own discretion.
15The company reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions, products, schemes, business and policies giving prior notice through its website are “http:/www.ultragreenindia.in/” binding on all distributor of the company.
16The terms and conditions within above mentioned shall be governed in accordance with the law in force in the territories of India. Disputes, if any arise, shall be exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Patna.
17If any dispute of difference arises between the parties here of touching the business of interpretation of any terms and conditions as to incentives, income etc. real business of the company, the same shall be referred to arbitration and the arbitration shall be governed shall be governed by the ‘Arbitration And Conciliation Act. 2010.
18The distributor has to provide all correct information in the term. The mobile Number mentioned should be in working condition and if it found during verification that number mentioned in the form is false/non-working condition or any other detail filled up in the distributorship form is not true, the application will be rejected and distributorship will be forfeited with immediate effect.
19If due to change in Government policies and enactment of law, the company business is stopped then company will not liable for any kind of claims, reimbursement and compensation.
20Read over by me / to me and agreed by me.
21Dated: 19 March 2019